Welcome to this web site, where you can share some of my nature photographs, especially from Balearic islands, where I live. I apologize for my English, it is not as good as I would like.

Photographing nature implies an intimate contact with the elements that comprise it. This proximity allows us to discover its secrets, that are exciting, and share them with who know this inexhaustible source of surprises and satisfactions. It is true that to get some images the main virtue is simply being there. This may involve early mornings or sudden a long race, efforts will not always rewarded.

We never know for sure we will find in our outings, and precisely this is one aspect that makes nature photography an exciting challenge, but by no means simple. On the other hand we must never forget that our activity should always be done with the utmost respect for what we want to portray.

For us, nature photographers, being a privileged spectator motivates us even more actively involved in conservation. We do not want, no one should want it, that this natural spectacle never ends. So our pictures should not only be a source of personal satisfaction but also a wonderful tool to disseminate large and small wonders that surround us.

With the advent of digital technology we are facing the most important revolution of photography since its invention. The material changes at a rapid pace, frantic, the chances increase every day, but we should not forget that things like patience, enthusiasm and knowledge of the environment in which we operate are now more than ever, essential if we are to our prize, this image that will show our unique and personal way of understanding the nature photography.